Getting more positive reviews

Posting Positive Reviews

Post positive reviews using great business practice Let’s just be clear: business owners shouldn’t post any reviews online about their own business. Not. At. All. It isn’t okay; you can think of it as cheating if you like. But if you’re a business owner who’s been baffled by how other companies get tonnes of customers to post positive reviews on Yelp, Google, TripAdvisor and other … Continue reading Posting Positive Reviews

Removing bad reviews

Remove Bad Reviews About Your Business

Remove bad reviews about your business Remove bad reviews that have been posted online for your business with an easy-to-follow mantra. Here at iTrueReview, we understand that in a world filled with uncertainties, customers can be top of that list. Sometimes no matter how hard you try, sometimes you still can’t score 100% five-star reviews. Our solution is simple, and the process is relatively straightforward. … Continue reading Remove Bad Reviews About Your Business