How to protect yourself against online bullying

we don’t protect your Online Reputation, we just enable your guest to do it for you!

Here’s how one online review site is on your side!

iTrueReview is the answer that businesses are looking for in the fight against online bullying and blackmail reviewing.
1. iTrueReview: We are LOCKED and loaded!
 As the only point-of-sale online review system on the market, iTrueReview provides restaurants and other businesses with the opportunity to obtain customer opinions on the spot and inside the business. 
Because the person writing the review HAS to be located directly inside the business, not only does it offer a solution to the problem of fake and/or non-genuine reviews, it also ensures that the threat of blackmail is mitigated. Have you received those competitor online review site calls yet? 
2. iTrueReviews across the web SWAMP Yelp and Google
Once someone leaves an iTrueReview for a particular business, any frustrations that might have occurred are released right away. Our partner businesses are presented with a great opportunity, responding to the customer in light speed, turning an aggravated guest to a more joyful one.

What we’ve also found is that when you enable your guests to use iTrueReview, Yelp and Google reviews begin to drop off. Even if the threatening blackmailer leaves a nasty review on Yelp or one of the other big sites, it will have far less effect because there are so many other honest-internal reviews that can be automatically placed and spread throughout the Internet.
3. The right to reply: HUGE OPPORTUNITY
As with all review sites, management gets the ‘right to reply’, which means they can usually explain and even mitigate the negative experience or bolster a positive one.

Because of how fast we provide feedback to management, partner restaurants are doing this in record time! Within each review, we supply them with the email of the guest so if there is something wrong in the restaurant – it can be dealt with quickly and professionally without any difficulty.

Just tap on the guest email and your ready to respond! It’s that simple!

Whether responding to negative or positive experiences, guests appreciate the fact that they are being heard and are more likely to shun off a bad experience or double down and return sooner rather than later.

Rule of thumb: Respond to both Positive and Negative Experience for better guest satisfaction

If you’re unsure of how you should deal with negative reviews in general, this is an article that offers some very sensible suggestions.


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