Steps to a successful restaurant business

You open up a restaurant with a smile on your face, the service you offer is excellent, making customers happy and yourself as well.

Every day you list your specials, prepare your tables, update your menus, ensure the kitchen is prepared, prepare the staff for the day, check your reservation book, listen to voicemails, check your email; you’re making sure everything is ready and you do all this for your customer!

The door opens, a bunch arrives, you seat them at the best table, place your menu in front of them, give them advice and offer them pristine service. Once in a while you head over to the table and check in making sure that everything is going as expected. Your working hard to create that exceptional diner experience!

Your diners have finished, they pay their bill, you thank them and they leave.

Will they return? Will they tell others? What did you do to create that opportunity for them to return? These are questions we sometimes don’t ask ourselves enough. How do you turn a one-time customer into a return loyalist? How do you capitalize on their experience?

There is a solution! iTrueReview will not only help you uncover TRUE guest feedback in real time but will also help in driving diners back into your business while maximizing existing experiences to increase new guest traffic as well.

Our platform is honest, genuine and helpful to all. Your customer just finished up their serving, they licked the plate clean, and they couldn’t get enough. That is the moment, you need to capture it and use it to your advantage. How? Through iTrueReview’s unique mode of noting and recording customer feedback in real time, enabling you to gain real guest feedback BEFORE your guest walks out your door. This is critical because at times some guests won’t share everything as they may not want to seem confrontational, but our service offers them that non–intrusive, non-threatening way to share with you what’s on their minds. It uncovers any issues that may have been present and enables you an opportunity to stop any issue before it goes viral.

As a business platform, the system also enables you to send automatic promotions to existing guests. What a better way to increase return visits that to promote yourself to those who have already experienced your services, and we do this in a number of automated ways.

ITrueReview further maximizes your potential growth by utilizing existing guest experiences and shares them across the best social media outlets increasing your exposure and guest word-of-mouth (The best form of advertising you can ever receive).

It’s rather simple, we offer a chance for you to capture reviews on the spot while your customers experience is still fresh, benefiting both your business and your customer, enabling them to gain an enhanced experience while your business notices an increase in footfall almost immediately.

iTrueReview’s unique perspective on how customer reviews are noted and how they are maximized, is bound to change the industry all together.

Find out more information on how you can enhance your business services by visiting


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